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Dennis McGee

Dennis McGee,
"The Complete Early Recordings of
Dennis McGee, 1929-1930"
Yazoo 2012; Ordering Information

"Languages have dictionaries-Cajun music had
Dennis McGee ." - Marc Savoy
"The foundation on which Cajun music is based...
this is the heart of our music." - Michael L. Doucet
"Dennis McGee was, very possibly, the most
important fiddler in Cajun music history, and
one of the major figures in American traditional
music in the 0th century...his music was embracing
and powerful." - Will Spires

The 26 Recordings in this landmark collection are the 'true vine,' the finest, earliest roots of Cajun Music. Newly remastered from the original 78s, the outstanding recordings from 1929-1930 reveal why Dennis McGee is the single, most important figure in the history of American Cajun music. Moreover, they reveal the inherent power and compelling tenderness that is at the heart of Dennis McGee's peerless artistry.

1. Mon Chère Bébé Créole
2. Madame Young
3. Two-Step de la Ville Platte
4. Allons à Tassone
5. Blues de Texas
6. Happy One Step
7. La Valse à Pop
8. La Valse de Vacher
9. One Step de Mamou
10. Courville and McGee Waltz
11. La Danse Carrée
12. La Valse Pénitentiare
13. Lanse des Belaires

14. Jeunes Gens de la Campagne
15. Vous M'avez Donné
16. One Step de Chupic
17. Two-Step de Grand Marais
18. Myself
19. La Valse de Lance Au Paille
20. La Valse de Reids
21. Reel Cajun
22. Disez Goodbye à Votre Mère
23. Adieu, Rosa
24. La Valse de Rosalie
25. La Valse de la Puit D'Huile
26. One Step des McGees

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